The 5 Best Free Blogging Platforms

Free Blog Provider Platform For Beginners– Activities on the internet through the media of blogs have become very popular lately. Even the content of the blog itself is also increasingly diverse.

Blogs can contain content in the form of informative articles or tutorials, literary articles such as poetry, there are even blogs that contain collections of videos that we can watch streaming and we can also download.

Free Blog Provider Platform For Beginners
Regardless of what the content of the blog is, did you know that the blog itself can be created at no cost (free). Any platforms that provide blogging for free, here’s a list.


It seems that this platform is the most popular platform for beginners in the field of websites. This platform provides free website creation services with the domain.

Apart from its free service, why does become the right platform? That’s because is also very easy to create and manage.

2. WordPress

WordPress is a platform that also provides free website creation. The advantage of this platform is the plug-in feature. There are lots of free plug-ins that you can use, which of course will make managing the website easier.

Free Blog Provider Platform 2020
However wordpress can not be as flexible as . There are lots of features that you can’t use if you don’t use the paid version.

3. is a very complete website builder to help you manage your website quickly without coding. Users can create personal websites, events, businesses, portfolios, and blogs.

4. emerged to challenge other site builders. They offer site development from the simplest to the beginners. To date, has been used by more than 125 million users.


Although this free website provider site had problems in Indonesia. But now it can be used normally again. Tumblr is a favorite for bloggers. Because this platform provides very interesting visualizations. Content such as images, videos, music, and several others can be displayed easily.

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